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Legend of white house 2021 series released with  a new design in same smells like before.

Additional information

Top Notes

Tomato Leaf , Vanilla , Leather

Heart Notes

Rock Rose , Galbanum ,Clary sage , Tomato Leaf , Iris

Base Notes

Vanilla , Sandal Wood , Tolu , Opoponax , Myrrh , Benzoin , Leather , musk


  1. Ckman2013

    It is good and powerful but after settling it reminds a bit Chance Eau Fraiche Chanel as the others have mentioned. At first it is breath taking, sharp and strong. Good quality and remarkable longevity!

  2. enigmatic_jd

    I really like the opening of this, it does remind me of my beloved Chance, but a more mature, refined version. I personally prefer Chance because this dries down weird, very earthy/musky…could smell like BO on the wrong chemistry.

  3. Dboy2083

    I got it, I’m a dude and I love it! pretty strong so you don’t need much. Less overpowering in winter and fall, great for a cold night out on the town. I’d use a drop in summer.

  4. _RJ_Seventh

    Strong musky and masculine. Didn’t like it

  5. Sheriff

    Smells Like a more expensive TM alien extraordinaire, and reminds me a lot of Clive 1872 for women as well. I find this to be unique and beautiful, complex, a little sharp but addictive! Beautiful and Unisex 🙂

  6. john stanhall

    the best perfume i ever used

  7. johna

    This one is a fruity beast, the pineapple is really prominent with an underlying trace from the same line, really pleasant, compliment getter, perfectly unisex and high quality as expected, cant recommend it enough, it is expensive but worth every penny

  8. 22saSha

    So next in line for testing is Legend of white house gold. The whole Wachington perfume line is floral fruity based and Gold model is no difference as I spray this perfume you get a blast for pineapple with lavender with hint of jasmine and it reminded me of Limon from the same line though this is more muted in terms of floral fruity accord you get.

  9. Houdini4

    How comes Legend of white house uses synthetics and every time gets away with this crime.

    Right at the top is a synthetic blast of Pineapple and Hyacinth followed by sharp musk which helps projecting the fragrance. Vetiver and Vanilla are very mild. I have to say the longevity is 10hr when I tested on my Dubai Trip.

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