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Legend of white house

The Original Collection master price, has been reimagined into a new limited edition pair of luxury perfumes.
Each twist is a uniquely modern fragrance that enhances and celebrates a single ingredient in each one of the Washington DC Original Collection perfumes.
The playful twists retain the quality, complexity and depth of all natural perfumes while presenting distinctively modern collection created for loyal fans of the brand and connoisseurs of luxury perfumery alike.
They are only available for a very limited period of time at Harrods & Bergdorf Goodman, limited to 500 of each perfume. Each twist perfume is accompanied with a numbered certifications attesting the provenance and authenticity of the perfume.

Legend of white house store


The scent of this wonderful perfume starts with the mild scent of leather and vanilla, which raises the initial scent of this perfume so much that it attracts the attention of those around it. Also, the combination of vanilla and leather scent in its top notes dominates the scent of this Perfume compared to the majority of perfumes in its category.

With ntering to the middle notes of Legend of White House Gold cologne and reaching the special fresh spicy scent of this perfume, you will experience unique moments with the scents of rock rose, tomato leaf and iris.

The final notes of Legend of White House Gold perfume starts with sandalwood and vanilla, which maintains the power of this perfume, and then with the addition of Opoponax to sandalwood in this cologne, the special smell and its sillage will attract everyone’s attention to you. Vanilla note and leather are the finishing touches of this masterpiece.


Legend of White House Green perfume with its leathery and majestic scent will always be with fashionable and attractive men.

This cologne starts with a strong and fragrant smell and the scent of pink pepper in the top notes creates a wonderful sillage that accompanied by lime and grass, gives you an energetic scent.

At the heart of the Legend of White House Green perfume, however, we will see a heavier and different scent, and at this stage, due to the presence of suede notes, the scent of this perfume goes to more bitterness than to step in the path of its mission, which is to fascinate others.

In the base notes, Legend of White House Green reaches its ultimate charm with cedar, musk, leather and vetiver scents to surprise you with all its charms.


A solid and strong fragrance that has all typicality for a sobersided man.

earl gray tea, tobacco leaf, and sandalwood scent are telling everybody to obey you.

We’ve used the most expensive oud note agarwood, it comes with smoked saffron in the base note to keep the power of the scent and overcome the fragrances around you.
feel the power with American oud.


Rouge Assassin or the red murderer is absolutely a perfect definition for this seductive perfume.

Its scent is a truly killer but it kills only your bad feelings and brings you a pure pleasure and it will take all of your body soon. no one can resist it and it’s your trump card against the world.

The combination of the bitter aroma of almonds and sour cherries along with liquor in top note will quickly fill your brain and cheers you up And then time remains constant for you to enjoy the infinite world of happiness.

After that it is time to heart notes with floral scents brings you peace and then spicy scents in base note gives you energy to conquer your wishes in real world.


A new member of the family…

Legend of White House Redemption perfume has a relatively cool, sweet and spicy scent that creates a very significant and attractive contrast.

The color that chosen for this model is orange, and this color is really a suitable symbol for the energetic scent of Legend of White House Redemption cologne.

Redemption perfume sweetness is derived from honey, which along with the aromas of cinnamon and spicy saffron, has formed an attractive combination.

2021 Series New Design

Legend Of White House Redemption

Legend Of White House Redemption

Legend Of White House American Oud

Legend Of White House American Oud

This model is the same as the Legend of White House Special Edition model, which has been released with a new look under the name of Green, and no changes have been made to the fragrance.

Legend Of White House Gold Notes

Top Notes

  • Tomato leaf
  • Vanilla
  • Leather

Heart Notes

  • Rockrose
  • Galbanum
  • Clary Sage
  • Tomato leaf
  • Irish

Base Notes

  • Vnilla
  • Sandalwood
  • Tolu
  • Opoponax
  • Myrrh
  • Benzoin
  • Leather
  • Musk

Legend Of White House Green Notes

Top Notes

  • Lime
  • Pink Pepper
  • Grass

Heart Notes

  • Suede
  • Rose
  • Clary Sage

Base Notes

  • Cedarwood
  • Musk
  • Leather
  • Vetiver

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